No- and Low-poo, what is this, after all?

We know sometimes it’s hard to keep up with so much hair lingo, right? But don’t you worry! We’re here to make you understand it all!

So tell meeee, NatuHair, what is this?
Let’s go: ‘No-poo’ and ‘Low-poo’ are hairwashing techniques, in which ‘poo’ stands for ‘shampoo’. The main goal is to wash your hair in a smooth, less aggressive way, cutting out once and for all the use of sulphate and petrolatum.

For the Low-poo technique, the shampoo does not contain any sulphates and this stops continuous washing from harming the hair fibre. It delicately washes the strand keeping its natural moist and balanced oiliness.
The No-poo method, on the other hand, consists of cutting out the use of any shampoo. The cleaning of the strands is made just by the conditioner and this process makes the cleaning less aggressive and keeps the strands hydrated. But beware, this technique is recommended for curly hair, since they need a cleaning process that is rich on emolients.

And there are plenty of NatuHair lines and products recommended for these techniques, all sulphate-, paraben- and petrolatum-free!

We have the NatuHair S.O.S. Free line, with products that nourish and hydrate the strands, giving them their shine and softness back. The result is hydrated, lively curls. We also have the NatuHair S.O.S. Coco line, with antidry action to restore shine and liveliness to the strands. And that’s not it, we have Co-Wash from Bomba de Vitaminas, Gourméticos, some products from the KeroKachos line and much more. Whew! That’s a lot, ain’t it?

You can check it all out in our portfolio!

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