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Natuhair, a genuinely Brazilian company that has been present in the national market for more than 26 years with a growing expansion of its business internationally was born of the desire to create, develop and market unique, innovative and high-quality products, with the compromise to value the essence of each woman. With a 10.000 m² fabric located in Rio de Janeiro and composed by the most technological facilities, NatuHair counts on with the best professionals of the hair beauty segment, to provide quality and efficiency to its customers.

Our reason for being is to exalt the strength, beauty and capillary singularity of each woman, giving her confidence to be what she wants, whenever she wants. NatuHair is Naturally you!

Respect, valorization and reliability: these are the values that guide NatuHair Cosmetics throughout all these years of presence in the market. Always renewing itself, the company is constantly pursuing the best when it comes to the capillary beauty, day by day. For us, the most important is to preserve the natural essence of each woman.

Our brands

SOS NatuHair

S.O.S NatuHair is the immediate help for the curly, thick, wavy, kinky and voluminous hairs.

Due to all the success of the line and immediate acceptance, SOS Natuhair has also developed lines that can be used by all types of hair, in addition to the exclusive kids line.

NatuHair Expert

Complete lines of products that offer the desired effects for the specific care of each hair. With expert formulas ready to that will treat the hair from the inside out.

By using the lines, you will enjoy of all the benefits that only NatuHair Expert brings you!

NatuHair Eco-Trat

Products with natural assets developed with the highest technology in cosmetics. Looking at the sustainable use of the rich biodiversity existing on the planet, NatuHair Eco-Trat is the natural beauty treatment just like you!

NatuHair Professional

Progressive Brushes, Botox, Treatment Creams and Brushing Creams with all the quality and technology that only beauty professionals had before, now you can have at your house with the NatuHair Professional lines.

NatuHair Free

For those who are followers of the techniques Low Poo and No Poo, NatuHair Free brings specially developed lines without vaseline, parabens, petrolates and sulfates.

Natuhair brands